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Intechno Japan has been pursuing highly-specialized expertise in the fields of oil/fuel measurement instrument and motion sensor. Intechno is committed to support its customers with its broad experience of commercializing these advanced technologies, its ability to provide definite and reliable information and its dedicated service.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Intechno Japan Company Limited
Address DS Bldg 6F, 5-15-5, Sendagaya,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051, Japan
TEL +81 3 3226 4009 FAX +81 3 3226 4010
Date of Establishment January 31, 1989
Capital 20 Million Yen
Correspondent Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Shinjuku-gyoen Branch Office
Lines of Business Import, Export and Manufacture of
1. Measurement Instruments
2. Sensors
3. Display/Signal Processors
4. Computers and Related Products
5. Computer Software

Products: Intechno Japan proposes its products in the following four categories:

Oil Condition Monitoring Products

“Oil Condition Monitoring” using oil measurement instrument is adopted by machinery manufacturers in such an application as outgoing inspection and customer support to monitor conditions of filled-up oils and oils in products. It also serves as a failure prognosis technology to detect an early-stage failure of lubricating equipment installed in a plant.

Intechno’s product line focuses on monitoring highly-critical oil conditions, namely contamination, cleanliness, wear debris, ferrous debris, metal debris, moisture and oil degradation.

Fuel Contamination Monitoring Products

“Fuel Contamination Monitoring” using fuel-dedicated particle counter and contamination tester is utilized by manufacturers of common rail fuel injection system, engine, vehicle and construction equipment to monitor diesel oil conditions in development, testing, production and in-use stages in order to detect and address troubles of diesel engines. The fuel-dedicated particle counter is used as a standard technology by oil refineries to determine cleanliness of jet fuel in outgoing inspection for quality assurance.

Unlike the conventional fuel analysis technology requiring its users to have certain specialized knowledge, Intechno’s fuel measurement instruments are simple, highly innovative and easy to use.

Motion Control & Sensing Products

In 2000, Intechno announced business alliance with SEIKA Mikrosystemtechnik GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of high-precision accelerometer and inclinometer, to start business of high-end sensors for motion control. The German-made accelerometers and inclinometers, which are applied for example to the latest aircraft and the world-biggest Ferris wheel, have achieved outstandingly high quality. These sensors featuring high overload tolerance, low non-linearity and high resolution are developed based on the leading-edge electronic engineering and the proprietary liquid and gas technologies.

Fluid Contamination Control Consulting Services

Intechno’s solution proposals are firmly supported by its long experience of installing fluid monitoring systems to a number of leading Japanese companies and by its knowhow gained through activities at various customer sites. Intechno will help its customers, by proposing optimal solution tools, achieve their oil/fuel cleanliness targets. To solve contamination problems, accurate knowledge and solution proposals presented by a specialist will be essential. Intechno is confident to offer the most suitable oil management solution for each customer as it has been fully specialized in the oil condition determination and real-time monitoring technology.

Keep Trying

Intechno will keep trying as a technology company equipped with highly-specialized expertise. “Online Oil Condition Monitoring” that Intechno offered to Japan ahead of other nations 20 years ago was the Intechno’s proprietary epoch-making system fully utilizing the leading-edge technologies of those days. Intechno’s technologies still keep supporting the most advanced industrial sectors such as aerospace and wind turbine. Intechno is determined to keep trying to develop environmentally-responsible products and provide intelligent and innovative technologies to precisely meet diversified needs of its customers.

For Asian Market

Intechno will propose and provide optimal solutions through local agents, based on its knowhow on contamination control that it has gained through its experience of installing fluid monitoring systems to a number of major companies around the world.

With the Worldwide Partners

In order to meet emerging needs and expectations of the new century and the new era, Intechno works together with numerous world-leading partners.

* Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our business concept and the Japanese market.

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